class Ameba::AST::FlowExpressionVisitor


AST Visitor that traverses all the flow expressions.

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Instance methods inherited from module Ameba::AST::Util

abort?(node) abort?, control_exp_code(node : Crystal::ControlExpression, code_lines) control_exp_code, dynamic_literal?(node) : Bool dynamic_literal?, exit?(node) exit?, flow_command?(node, in_loop) flow_command?, flow_expression?(node, in_loop = false) flow_expression?, literal?(node) : Bool literal?, loop?(node) loop?, name_end_location(node) name_end_location, name_location(node) name_location, name_size(node) name_size, node_source(node, code_lines) node_source, path_named?(node, name) : Bool path_named?, raise?(node) raise?, source_between(loc, end_loc, code_lines) : String | Nil source_between, static_literal?(node) : Bool static_literal?

Instance methods inherited from class Ameba::AST::BaseVisitor

visit(node : Crystal::ASTNode) visit

Constructor methods inherited from class Ameba::AST::BaseVisitor

new(rule : Ameba::Rule::Base, source : Ameba::Source) new