class Ameba::AST::ScopeVisitor


AST Visitor that traverses the source and constructs scopes.

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Constant Summary

NODES = {ClassDef, ModuleDef, EnumDef, LibDef, FunDef, TypeDef, TypeOf, CStructOrUnionDef, ProcLiteral, Block, Macro, MacroFor}

Non-exhaustive list of nodes to be visited by Ameba's rules.

SPECIAL_NODE_NAMES = ["super", "previous_def"] of ::String


Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Ameba::AST::BaseVisitor

visit(node : Crystal::ASTNode) visit

Constructor methods inherited from class Ameba::AST::BaseVisitor

new(rule : Ameba::Rule::Base, source : Ameba::Source) new

Constructor Detail

def, source, skip = nil) #

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Instance Method Detail

def end_visit(node : Crystal::TypeDeclaration) #

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