abstract class Ameba::Rule::Performance::Base


A general base class for performance rules.

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Instance methods inherited from class Ameba::Rule::Base

==(other) ==, catch(source : Source) catch, excluded?(source) excluded?, group group, hash hash, name name, special? special?, test(source : Source, node : Crystal::ASTNode, *opts)
test(source : Source)

Class methods inherited from class Ameba::Rule::Base

default_severity : Ameba::Severity default_severity

Macros inherited from class Ameba::Rule::Base

issue_for(*args, **kwargs, &block) issue_for

Macros inherited from module Ameba::Config::RuleConfig

properties(&block) properties

Constructor Detail

def self.new(ctx : YAML::ParseContext, node : YAML::Nodes::Node) #

def self.new(config = nil) #

A general base class for performance rules.

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Class Method Detail

def self.parsed_doc : String | Nil #

Returns documentation for this rule, if there is any.

module Ameba
  # This is a test rule.
  # Does nothing.
  class MyRule < Ameba::Rule::Base
    def test(source)

MyRule.parsed_doc # => "This is a test rule.\nDoes nothing."

Instance Method Detail

def catch(source : Source) #
Description copied from class Ameba::Rule::Base

A convenient addition to #test method that does the same but returns a passed in source as an addition.

source = MyRule.new.catch(source)

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